Young Flowers A/S is a global trading company specialising in young plants, unrooted cuttings, half-grown and seeds for nurseries and wholesalers.

Everyone at Young Flowers A/S aim to create the success, that both you and we wish to achieve by:

- having the expertise to handle your interests right from your inquiry until the delivery of your order and being dedicated to our work in a way that we go further to provide you with the best possible service.

- requiring quality products, healthy plants and consistency of supply from our selected plant suppliers/breeders enabling us to deliver the most optimum product in meeting your requirements.

- being forward-looking and efficiently able to adapt to the market and to your requests and needs.

We gladly provide guidance during the cultivation process.

Team Young Flowers

We are a team working closely together, and we emphasize positive, personal and close contact and commitment. We stay closely informed of every aspect of every order. We will always cooperate on an equal footing with you.


The capability to transport and distribute planting material demands great attention to detail. Punctual delivery is a must. Accordingly, our well functioning logistics is part of our success.


We see opportunities, not limitations. Our vision is persistent, sound growth and personal contact with our customers and suppliers. Your contentment with Young Flowers A/S is our aim today and tomorrow.

We hope you will find inspiration from our web site for your production. It represents a selection of the many products, we can offer. If you do not find, what you are looking for, let us find it for you.

Contact us today and get a good experience with Young Flowers A/S!

We gladly provide guidance during the cultivation process.